Have a seat

I need this for Crucible.

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Got ‘round to transferring this playlist from Itunes to Spotify. Pale Host fans, enjoy. Pale Host non-fans, also enjoy.

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Alarm: Set for 12 hours from now.

Bed: increasingly inviting.

Crucible: Due on site in 17 hours.

Verdict: Bedtime.

T-23 hours. So exhausted already.This time tomorrow, the game will be on.

Welp, time for Okkervil River and 9 hours sleep. I hope.

My recurring dream is back. I start out on a deserted street, before heading down into a subway station. In the station, I walk into a dark alley, which turns into a ramp, plunging me deeper into darkness.

Then I have to find my way through a labyrinth. I haven’t had this dream since Nexus. Goddammit. Crucible prep is getting to me.

Though I met David Cunliffe and Jacinda Ardern today. That was nice. #TwoFuturePMsIHope

Two days out from Crucible. Exhausted. Brain is not braining good. Need to sleep. Sleep is good.


the sims 4 announcements are so bleak and depressing out of context 

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